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Looking your best online ensures that the people who matter to you are duly impressed. ...

They could be prospects, customers, job candidates, investors, or even the hottie you passed your card to last night at the bar - the important thing is that your site leaves them feeling confident in your credibility.

Additive can help. Think of us as your virtual wingman - here to make you look great, sound great, perform great, and in the best shape of your life to close the deal.

It all starts with a logo. It's the personality of your business - do you want people to think you're classy, friendly or too cool for school?

Additive can design a brand that personifies your business - and roll it out across business cards, letterhead, email signatures, and marketing collateral.

A great first impression starts with a great brand.

It goes without saying that your website must look pretty - but the interface should be designed to ensure your visitors find the information they're looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

You want to lead your audience through an experience, but at the same time allow them the freedom of jumping straight to what they want - when they want it.

Great design isn't just about the aesthetic - it's about usability. At Additive we can deliver both.

We turn pretty pictures into functional websites. From online brochures to database-driven software, Additive can develop the functionality you require.

Content management, e-commerce, multimedia, document assembly - we've been around the block and have the experience to deliver.

We can also assist with copywriting - to make sure your site sounds as smooth as it looks.
We could build you the best website in the world - but without a strategy for bringing in an audience we would be wasting our time and your money.

Additive can create and manage your online promotional campaigns - from Google Adwords marketing, to regular email newsletters, to social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
It's all about keeping up appearances. We will keep you ahead of the game with informed feedback and regular maintenance.

Expect a monthly sit down with a written report on website visitation metrics, and based on your needs update the site content or tweak the design to better achieve agreed KPIs.
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It's the biggest complaint people have
about their tech providers - they want them
to give a damn. At Additive we actually care
about solving your problems - who would
have thought accountable account
management would be this rare?

People hate surprises - so we agree on fixed price projects. That way we can focus on achieving outcomes rather than haggling over billable hours.

It's really very simple. If you aren't completely satisfied - we will do the work again until you are.

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For the last 12 years Daniel has designed brands, advertising, magazines, software GUIs, and literally hundreds of websites. He's been the creative force behind a number of tech companies as well as the editor of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce magazine b-Innovative. He passionately believes that business should be beautiful.

Daniel has law and arts degrees from the University of Auckland, as well as many years experience in project management, business analysis, and marketing.
Chris has over 30 years providing software solutions for the business, scientific and education sectors. At various times in his career Chris has specialised in all aspects of software development including: systems and applications programming, systems design and analysis and project management. 

Chris has a master's degree in education and is currently a senior lecturer and programme leader for the faculty of computing at UNITEC.
Stewart has been at the leading edge of software development for the last 20 years. He has a passion and flair for matching creative technological systems with business needs to provide elegant efficient solutions.

Stewart brings a vast amount of  development experience in areas including CRM, large scale interactive and integrated websites, data integration, CMS, document creation, and internet marketing. Stewart has a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems from the University of Auckland.
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Brand design including: logo, business cards, letterhead, CD labels, website

Cymbiotix Group

Brand design including: logo, business cards, advertising, signage, website

Initio Group

Brand design including: logo, business cards, letterhead, signage, website

Crave Coffee & Movies

Brand design including: logo, business cards, letterhead, signage, labels, flyers, e-newsletter, website


Brand design including: logo, business cards, letterhead, website


Brand design including: logo, media kit, advertising, website


Brand design including: logo, advertising, website


Brand design including: logo, advertising, CD-ROM, website

Web development: recruitment system for Department of Labour and New Zealand Chambers of Commerce, see

Chamber Membership

Website design: promoting membership of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.


Website design: promoting Additive consulting services.


Website design: promoting HumanusBlue consulting services.


Website design: e-commerce website selling Exsis computers.


Website design: promoting HumanusWhite consulting services to the legal industry.

Vital Learning Portal

Website design: online learning tool for members of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

Initio Group

Website design: promoting Initio Group consulting services.

Cymbiotix Group

Website design: promoting Cymbiotix Group consulting services.

Web development: Online membership directory for the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, see

Web development: online document assembly system for certificates of origin under the NZ-China and ASEAN Free Trade Agreements, see

Web development: promotional website for Dan Manford real estate, see

Interface Financial Group

Web development: promotional website for the Interface Financial Group, see

Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Web development: promotional website for the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, see